FM-MSAN Multiservice Access Multiplexer

  • Multiservice Access Node (MSAN)
  • Universal access PSTN
  • 8 to 72 external and 16 to 80 internal links 2 Mbit/s
  • Digital channel cross-connect between all 88 links (non blocking)
  • Concentrator according to V5.2 up to 2400 subscribers
  • Concentrator connections for remote access multiplexers
  • Protocol conversion V5.2-CAS
  • Network management system SUNCE-M


FM-MSAN access multiplxer is designed to allow transmission of voice and data in access telecommunication networks. It can be configured as access multiplexer, drop/insert, crossconnect and fractional multiplexer and concentrator according to V5.2.


  • Supports over 15 different transmission and subscriber, analog and digital interfaces (subscriber units)
  • Redudant central unit
  • Cross-connect non-blocking switching fabric for up to 88 E1 links, CAS signalling includid
  • Up to 21 universal unit slots per subracks
  • Up to 20 channels per unit
  • Advanced traffic protection mechanism for E1 links
  • Line test access
  • Concentrator according V5.1/V5.2 protocol for POTS and ISDN-BRI/PRI
  • NMS based on client server application with data base replication
  • SNMP based agent

Data sheets (pdf): FM-MSAN (English), FM-MSAN (Serbian)