FM2x2 Flexible Multiplexer 2x2 Mbit/s

  • Two 2 Mbit/s E1 tributaries (2x30 channels)
  • User interface capacity 2x32 channels
  • Digital channel cross-connect (non blocking)
  • Network management system SUNCE-M


FM2x2 Flexible multiplexer is designed to allow transmission of voice and data in access telecommunication networks. It can be configured as primary multiplexer, double primary multiplexer, drop/insert, cross-connect and fractional multiplexer.

Basic functions

  • Digital 64 kbit/s multiplexing/demultiplexing
  • Digital channel cross-connect including corresponding signaling bits (non blocking)
  • Analog and digital user interfaces (subscriber units)

Data sheets (pdf): FM2x2 (English), FM2x2 (Serbian)