OLC Control and Monitoring Unit for PSH, KGET and KGET8 Devices

  • Enables management function for several devices using SUNCE-M
  • Connection with network management center (PC) via RS232 serial interface (optional Ethernet interface)
  • Separated on-board DCN interfaces (2xE12 and V.11) for management integration of geographically isolated network parts


  • OLC unit makes possible control and monitoring function up to 4, 18 or 20 OTSM (optical terminal & secondary multiplexer, capacity 4x2 Mbit/s) units, LTH-E1 (two pair hdsl) and PSH (4xE1 shdsl modem) line terminals and interface converters: KGXV (2Mbit/s G.703 to X.21/V.35), KGET and KGET8 (2Mbit/s G.703 to Ethernet). Combination of units in mechanical module is random.
  • OLC can connect directly to personal computer via RS232 serial (F interface) or optional via Ethernet 10/100baseT interface.
  • OLC unit can exchange network management data with several, different type, control/traffic units (OLC, SCMN in ODS155, OTS in OTS622, FMP in FM2x2, FMV in FM-MSAN) in the same station using Q2-bus. Connection with geographically distant control units is possible via communication channels (DCC or ECC) realized in telecommunication network with IRITEL devices (ODS2G5, ODS155, OTSM, FM2x2 and FM-MSAN) or using special interfaces on control units (2 Mbit/s G.703, V.11 64 kbit/s).

Data sheet (pdf): OLC (Serbian)