NN301 Small DC Power Supply System

  • Compact uninterruptible dc power supply system - in one enclosure:
    • Rectifier 230 Vac/48 Vdc, up to 175 W
    • Battery Charger 220 Vac/40,5 — 56 Vdc, up to 125W
    • Batteries 48 Vdc/12 Ah/17 Ah/24 Ah
    • Low Voltage Disconnect block
  • Optimal Charging of Batteries
  • Each system is completely wired, charged and ready to go


  • DC power supply system NN301 is designed for:
    • Applications in which electronic equipment need to have reliable and permanent DC power supply regardless on main supply failure
    • Equipment to be used in telecom, datacom, and network applications
    • Equipment to be used in security and monitoring applications
  • Typical Applications:
    • Fiber Optic Networks
    • Data communications
    • Industrial
    • Customer premises

System overview

  • NN301 contains:
    • Rectifier - DC/DC converter (MN175) providing DC output power to load
    • Charger – DC/DC converter (MP125) providing battery charging
  • Battery charging is independent of rectifier and move according to optimal charging characteristics given by battery manufacturer
  • It works like current/voltage source (IU characteristics)
  • System of semiconductor switches providing uninterruptible DC output power to load:
    • Connecting load and batteries when ac power is loss (rectifier off)
    • Assuring permanent power to load
  • Control block:
    • Controlling system of semiconductor switches mentioned above
    • Detection of system failures – overload detection, loss of AC detection, battery damage

Data sheetsi (pdf): NN301 (Serbian), NN301 (English), NN301 (German)