SNN12 Power Supply System 54 Vdc/6x7.5 A

  • Compact modular power supply system:
    • SN12 - one shelve (3 rectifiers modules), power 1200 W
    • SNN12 - two shelves (6 rectifiers modules), power 2400 W
  • Full front access design – ease of installation and operation
  • Parallel working of rectifiers – active current sharing, true redundant configuration (N+1)
  • Natural convection cooling – no fans
  • Power factor 0.98 (IEC 1000-3-2)
  • Two independent battery breaker, up to six load breakers
  • Optimal Charging of Batteries
  • Programmable low voltage disconnect (LVD)
  • Integrated control and monitoring system, SUNCE-M


SNN12 system is power solution designed for telecom, datacom and network applications (48 Vdc nominal) which need to have reliable and permanent DC power supply regardless on main supply failure.

The main parts of SNN12 system are: cabinet, up to two shelves (main and for expansion), and batteries (working and reserve). SNN12 is modular and configurable for different load power: 400, 800 and 1200 W (SN12- main shelf, up to 3 rectifiers units) or 1600, 2000 and 2400 W (two shelves, up to 6 rectifiers units) or 2 ETSI shelves (up to 6 rectifiers). In redundant configuration off power supply system (N+1), reserve rectifier is in parallel work with others rectifiers. Accuracy of rectifiers active current sharing is 5%. Batteries are paralleled with load and system output.

Battery management includes controlled current charging of batteries independent of load current, IU characteristic, automatic temperature compensation with additional cable and sensor and programmable low voltage disconnect.

System overview

SNN12 system is composed of:

  • Up to two AC distribution (ACD)
  • Up to 6 rectifier modules (IM400), power of each rectifier 400 W (nominal)
  • Load (DC) distribution (DCD2/6) with two or six output fuses (terminals ended with connectors)
  • Low Voltage Disconnect module (battery board - BB) with battery breakers and terminal connectors (double)
  • BCU – basic control unit (module) for control, monitoring and communications with LCD display and keyboard for self-guided controller operation, LEDs, RS232 and other interfacesBatteries

Data sheetsi (pdf): SNN12 (Serbian), SNN12 (English), SN15 (Serbian)