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SN12/110 Power Supply System 110 Vdc / 3 x 7.5 A

  • Compact modular power supply system - one rack with 3 rectifier modules, power up to 2400 W
  • Full front access to supply system – easy installation and operation
  • Parallel working of rectifiers – active current sharing, true redundant configuration (N+1)
  • Power factor ≥0.98
  • Optimal Charging of Batteries
  • Additional output for extra battery charging - optionally
  • Two independent battery breakers and two load breakers
  • Programmable battery low voltage disconnect (LVD) - optionally
  • Communication with remote monitoring center
  • Use of SDNU-IRITEL System for remote monitoring and control of power electronic devices – optionally


SN12/110 system is power solution designed for measurement, control, regulation and telecommunication applications with 110 Vdc (nominal) on output. Voltage supplied to load need to be reliable and permanent DC power supply regardless on main supply failure.

Power supply system SN12/110 is modular and consists from up to 3 rectifier modules in one rack. System is positioned inside cabinet (with additional place inside for other devices included monitoring and control equipment and/or smaller batteries). SN12/110 can be configured for different load power: 800, 1600 or 2400 W. In redundant configuration of power supply system (N+1), reserve rectifier is also active and work in parallel work with others rectifiers. Accuracy of rectifiers active current sharing is 5%.

SN12/110 are delivered in two configurations: basic (described above) and extended for additional batteries charging. Second version going when additional string of batteries is present at user. That auxiliary battery string is connected with primary set of batteries when battery voltage goes under 105 V (without presence of main ac voltage). In this configuration, additional battery charger is delivered with SN12/110 V.

Batteries are paralleled with load and system output. Battery management includes controlled current charging of batteries independent of load current (IU characteristic), automatic temperature compensation. Up to two battery sets can be connected to SN12/110 (parallel to each other).

Temperature compensation with additional cable and sensor is available, also, programmable low voltage disconnect (optionally).

Data sheets (pdf): SN12/110 (Serbian), SN12/110 (English), SN12/3300 (Serbian), SN12/3300 (English)