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KG Universal TDM, E1, interface convertor platform, fractional multiplexer, cross connect device with exchangeable user interface module and optional built-in AES encryption

  • Device enables user to connect their equipment over exchangeable user interface module via TDM E1 based telecommunication network
  • Built in non blocking cross connect enables easy and cost effective add-drop of user interface traffic over spare, non used, E1 time slots with minimum delay including CAS signalling
  • Basic Features:
    • 2 Е1 framed or non framed interfaces
    • 1 factory exchangeable user interface module with different number and/or interface types
    • Non blocking cross connect between E1 links and user interface modules including CAS signaling, where applicable
  • Different user interface modules with: X.21/V11, V.35, NRZ/NATO, RS232 synchronous and asynchronous interfaces
  • Embedded Web server for local managamnet
  • Embedded SNMP agent for TMN application
  • Optional AES 128/192/256 encryption of user interface data


KG Series Interface Converter is usually used for connecting different devices through a transport TDM digital network that is based on the E1 interface.

In public and private telecommunication networks KG Series typically finds application for:

  • Connecting remote LAN segments
  • Connecting users to ISP
  • Connecting remote terminals
  • Remote video surveillance
  • Industrial process control
  • Traffic control
  • SCADA systems
  • In special service networks which requires data encryption

KG - primena

Data sheets (pdf): KG (Serbian), KG (English)