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KGET4/8/16 Ethernet Access Interface Convertor Ethernet over up to 16x E1 with GFP, VCAT and LCAS

  • Transparent Ethernet connection over existing TDM infrastructure
  • Provides Ethernet connection over up to 16 E1
  • GFP, VCAT and LCAS encapsulation and bonding for up to 16 groups
  • QoS and SLA Support for Ethernet subscribers
  • Feature rich diagnostics and fault management on all TDM and Ethernet ports
  • Monitoring and Configuration via embedded Web Server and SNMP


  • High Capacity Transparent Ethernet Service over existing PDH/SDH networks
  • IP DSLAM, WiMAX and Mobile Base station backhaul
  • Remote corporative networks LAN connection

Data sheets (pdf): KGET4/8/16 (Serbian), KGET4/8/16 (English), KGET4/8/16 (Russian)