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KTG Interface Converter Series TDM over IP

  • Performs TDM circuit emulation over enterprise or carrier packet-switched Ethernet L2/L3 networks for different types of user interfaces
  • At the Ethernet line side supports one 10/100 BaseTx, one 100 BaseFx, two 1000 BaseT and one 1000 BaseX Ethernet interfaces
  • Multiprotocol encapsulation supporting IPv4, IPv6, UDP, RTP, L2TPv3, MPLS and Metro Ethernet
  • Compliant with IETF, ITU-T, MFA Forum and Metro Ethernet Forum Technical Specifications
  • Recovered clock jitter and wander compliant to ITU-T G.823, G.824. Supports adaptive clock recovery, differential clock (common clock) (using RTP)
  • ToS support for IP level priority, VLAN 802.1p and 802.1Q support for MAC level priority
  • Lost/misordered packet compensation
  • Embedded Web Server and SNMP Agent
  • Optional AES 128/192/256 Encryption of TDM Stream


KTG devices performes TDM circuit emulation over packet switched network thus enabling transparent TDM services over enterprise or carrier Ethernet network.
Besides TDM traffic transmission over IP based networks KTP provides many value-added functions in order to meet different customers needs including different network management capabilities, traffic protection, synchronization etc.


Data sheets (pdf): KTG (Serbian), KTG (English)